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A rising market: demand and supply: an upward trend

The recent years has witnessed significant growth in demand for investment and buy to let properties in the UK. Figures from the National Office of Statistics have shown that the construction industry has seen a continual increase over the last year, which clearly translates to the demand for off plan properties outstripping supply. In today’s market, it is not uncommon nor surprising, for entire developments to be sold off plan before being completed.

There is no mistaking that a large number of investors both from the UK and overseas see the UK property investment as the cornerstone to their investment portfolio. With a reduced national deficit and a sound economic plan that seems to be working, it is no wonder that investors, both local and overseas, are attracted to the UK property investment market as the answer to securing their financial freedom.

The key factors for the increasing demand from local and overseas investors, for off plan investment properties is, without a doubt, the increased optimism in the upward trend of the UK property market to deliver high returns on investments, not only in the long term with maximum market appreciation but also in the short term with growing rental potential. It is no wonder that 85% of properties purchases in 2012 came from overseas investors and that two-thirds of the total homes purchased were purely as investments.

Figures show that with the UK market shortage, 250000 properties per year would need to be built simply means that the new build property market and indeed the off plan property market is set for a boom! With Labour promising to deliver measures to boost house building, the off plan resurgence, is indeed, flourishing with last two years alone, saw 40% increase in off plan investments